Angelo Colonna is researcher (RTDA) in Egyptology at the University of Pisa. He earned his PhD at Sapienza University of Rome, and refined his knowledge of the ancient Egyptian language at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. After being visiting scholar at the Oriental Institute – Oxford University in 2017, he worked as research fellow for the ERC project PAThs at Sapienza University from 2017 to 2022. In 2022 he was lecturer in Egyptology at the University G. d’Annunzio of Chieti – Pescara, teaching Egyptian history and archaeology. As post-doctoral and research fellow he has been teaching courses in Egyptian language and religion since 2015. In addition, he has wide field experience, including excavations and surveys in Egypt (Kom el-Ghoraf) and Sudan (Sanam Abu-Dom; Hugair Gubli). 

His research and published record encompass different themes and areas in Egyptology, including early ideology and writing (development, uses); monumental art (its elaboration and codification); religious iconography, forms and practices (value and role within society), with a special focus on the so-called “animal worship”; cultural and historical geography. In working on such topics, he integrates the use of archaeological, textual and visual data with different theoretical approaches, being particularly concerned with issues of materiality, social context, and historical perspective in the understanding of ancient Egyptian culture.