Archaeology of the Near East (Mesopotamia and Arabia)

Associate Professor

Sara Pizzimenti is an Associate Professor of Archaeology of the ancient Near East. She graduated in Near Eastern Archaeology (MA) at the Sapienza University of Rome, where she also discussed her PhD thesis in 2011 and worked as a Post-Doc Researcher for four years. After being a Mesopotamian Fellow for the ASOR in 2018, from 2019 she worked for three years as an Assistant Professor in Archaeology of the ancient Near East at the University of Pisa. She has extensive field experience, including excavation in Syria (Ebla), Turkey (Arslantepe and Karkemish), Jordan (Jebel Al Mutawwaq), Iraq (Lagash and Nigin), and Oman (Al Tikha). She actually is a member of the Iraqi-Italian Archaeological Expedition at Niniveh East, where she is in charge of the Early Niniveh Project”, substitute deputy director of the Italian Archaeological Expedition at Karkemish, and in charge of the Early Karkemish Project”. She is also co-director of the Omani-Italian Archaeological Expedition at Al Tikha (Oman) and Field Director of the Lagash Archaeological Project (Iraq). Her main fields of research are the archaeology of Mesopotamia, Gulf and south-eastern Arabia, with a focus on 3rd millennium BC, Bronze Age material culture (pottery), and archaeoastronomy.